What exactly is the CSR Quality Mark?

The CSR Quality Mark offers companies in all branches the opportunity to enliven the implementation of CSR in a reliable Quality Mark. This CSR Quality Mark provides companies a tool to demonstrate the CSR DNA to stakeholders like clients and relations.

The CSR Quality Mark is tested on site at companies by inspectors of Keurmerk Nederland. The Quality Mark Committee, whose core task is to conduct a review, independently supervises the process of application, inspection, assessment, quality mark issuing and registration.

The arrangement and requirements of the CSR Quality Mark are in line with the current NEN-ISO26000 norms. They are annually updated and determined by the Quality Mark Committee.

It is a CSR policy statement drafted and signed and does it contain both qualitative and quantitative goals. Are indicators periodically measured, monitored, analysed and evaluated.

Meeting minimum requirements for working conditions. Getting the best out of the staff by actively focusing on sustainable employability and offering employees the space to develop. Offering people with poor employment prospects a chance is also one of the requirements.

This largely concerns environmental requirements such as dealing with energy and waste, focusing on sustainable mobility and a sustainable purchasing policy.

This concerns requirements for a transparent and honest service provision; requirements about how to deal with suppliers and customers, as well as the supporting of social initiatives.

Frequently asked questions about CSR quality mark

What is the inspection about?

The inspection is carried out based on the quality mark requirements and concerns the company performance on the various CSR sub-questions. The assessment is carried out based on a progression model so that you actually grow in the CSR as a company.

How long is the CSR quality mark valid after my company achieved it?

The CSR Quality Mark is valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

What can I expect from the quality mark audit?

You can expect the inspector at the specified time on the inspection date that you have agreed with Keurmerk Nederland. He will then go through the quality mark requirements with you step by step, whereby you must have the evidence available.


You may discuss the details of the evidence with the inspector, but the questions and thus the requested answers are clearly formulated. If the inspection runs smoothly, you will be certified with the CSR Quality Mark. After this, registration will take place on the sites www.keurmerkmvo.nl and www.keurmerkregister.com.


Your CSR grade is also determined and definitively recorded after a review. The Inspection Report that the inspector sends you is thus a particularly useful document for you as a company to provide to your clients.


If imperfections are found, the inspector will ask you to e-mail the evidence of 'repair', after which the Quality Mark will be sent to you.

An exception to this is your CSR grade, if this is sufficient to obtain the CSR Quality Mark, no further steps are necessary.

What is the benefit of the quality mark?

By obtaining this quality mark, your company distinguishes itself in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

You objectively and demonstrably meet all kinds of relevant topics in the field of CSR on which clients can assess you. You also objectively and demonstrably comply with various laws and regulations. Clients do make selections based on these criteria and you demonstrate that your company wants to be one of the leading companies in the field of CSR in your industry. It generates a turnover and a positive business case: your clients also want to share in this success. The CSR quality mark is also important to own for tenders.

Can I use other quality marks in addition to the CSR Quality Mark?

This is not a problem - it is sometimes even recommended - because it will help you distinguish yourself even more from your competitor. It gives your customer confidence that your company has high quality standards. Owning quality marks related to a management system do also support the

Can the CSR Quality Mark be used for a tender and is it equivalent?

Yes, there are documents available for CSR Quality Mark holders to use the CSR Quality Mark in a tender.

The Quality Mark is of an equivalent or higher level compared to initiatives such as the CSR performance ladder and various other Quality Marks.

I am interested in obtaining this CSR quality mark, how to proceed?


  1. Download the quality mark requirements from the site www.keurmerkregister.com;
  2. Check whether you meet the certification requirements and take action where necessary.
  3. When you are ready, request the inspection at Keurmerk Nederland info@keurmerknederland.com.


In consultation with you, an inspection date will be agreed, which is confirmed by e-mail by Keurmerk Nederland.

After this email, you will receive the invoice by e-mail, which has to be paid.

You will have all proof (per question) ready by the inspection date, this makes the inspection easier. In case of a positive outcome of the inspection, you will be awarded the Quality Mark by the inspector afterwards.

Then you can use the Quality Mark by mentioning it on your website and promoting it in, for example, quotations.

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