The MVO quality mark committee from left to right: Van der Werff (secretary), Achterberg (representative KMNL), Van de Noort (youth member), Van Duijn (chairman), Van Voorst (representative KMNL).

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has not been idle in recent months. There are several developments that require the necessary attention from the board members. As a committee, we would like to keep you informed by means of the update below.

In collaboration with mr. Den Ouden, subject teacher at the VLC Amersfoort, a talent pool has been set up for the development of a new logo. Both students and former students from havo to athenaeum took part in a competition for the design of a new CSR quality mark logo. The CSR Quality Mark Committee recently received all submissions with enthusiasm, a great way of developing a new logo.

In the coming weeks, the preferences of the committee will be further elaborated and it hopes to deliver a state-of-the-art new logo in both CSR and CSR style. We would therefore like to keep you informed of these and subsequent developments!

The CSR Quality Mark Committee