On behalf of Topbakker Remmerswaal, Nancy and Richard pose with the acquired CSR Quality Mark certificate at Bronze level.

Top baker Remmerswaal has again passed the ISO 26000 assessment after further tightening of the organisation's CSR policy. Since 2015, the Topbakker has been working on implementing CSR in the organization more and more extensively. For example, a lot of attention is paid to employees, energy-saving measures, social involvement and honest entrepreneurship. Top baker Remmerswaal is still the only bakery in the Netherlands that is in possession of the MVO quality mark. 

After having held the standard CSR quality mark for two years, Topbakker Remmerswaal has now gone up for promotion to the Bronze level. To achieve this, components were added such as making employees more involved and demonstrably achieving waste reduction and improving the CO2 footprint. The extensive ISO 26000 report was therefore issued to inspector Van der Werff stating the conclusion below.

Top baker Remmerswaal has clearly laid down the CSR policy and disseminates it widely. In business operations, CSR is part of decisions on all subjects. Good employership is a matter of course. Everyone is given a chance. Reducing energy, emissions and waste is a continuous area of focus. When choosing a supplier, having a CSR policy is part of the considerations. This is also recorded as such in the FSSC22000 management system. The way in which the company operates justifies the granting of the Bronze level CSR Quality Mark certificate.                              

From here on, the CSR Quality Mark Committee conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the Topbakker Remmerswaal team on having obtained the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

View public checklist: http://www.keurmerkmvo/keurmerkeisen

More information via: http://bakkerijremmerswaal.nl/