A special quality moment: director Abdellaoui obtains the recording of her quality systems, including the CSR quality mark – ISO 26000.


The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed that Just Clean Bedrijfsdiensten from Tilburg has passed the initial inspection of the ISO 26000 yardstick. While the Quality Mark Committee had to review a number of reports with a substandard score in recent months, it seems that the way up has once again been found for companies that go through the assessment of the CSR Quality Mark.

It was therefore clear that a successful assessment was in line with expectations. In the presentation, account manager Bogers already referred to the fact that director Abellaoui already mentioned in 2013 the urgency for companies to make sustainable investments in business. Attracting staff at a distance from the labor market was therefore already a given with which Just Clean was at the forefront. The partnership of the OndernemersAkorde Midden-Brabant is therefore more than logical. Just Clean sees social entrepreneurship and understanding the employee as a solution to unemployment, 'if every company would hire someone from the target group, we would be rid of unemployment in no time' was already quoted in 2013.

The organization has been working for more than 15 years and saw its range of tasks broadened from the start. From cleaning it went to handy team, to painting team, to garden team and at the time of corona of course to a team on disinfection and preventive high-quality cleaning. Handlers for her many followers on social media, present everywhere in the region and continuously working on increasing added value for the customer. In recent years, Just Clean has increasingly become the point of contact for services in the region.

Already in possession of the certification of the SIEV quality mark, which must be awarded on the basis of 47 criteria, it was therefore decided to also look forward to the ISO 26000 assessment. Inspector Thom van de Brug stayed with the company for a very long time and found adequate evidence, whereby the re-inspection of the SIEV quality mark seamlessly transitioned into the CSR inspection. In terms of the 3 P's, the organization can therefore substantiate each line and look forward to an extensive report.

The registration is therefore final and the details are available for Just Clean in its own portal. As far as we are concerned, the municipality of Tilburg can convey its compliments to the prominent company called Just Clean. Strong in cleaning & specialist cleaning for 17 years, they only really clean well!

The CSR Quality Mark Committee hereby conveys its heartfelt congratulations to Hassan, Hanane and the entire team of Just Clean Bedrijfsdiensten with obtaining both the CSR Quality Mark ISO 26000 and the SIEV Quality Mark.

View public checklist: http://www.keurmerkmvo/keurmerkeisen

More information via: http://www.justclean.nl