On behalf of Advertising Sukses, Edwin (l.) receives the CSR Quality Mark - ISO 26000.

Once again the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000 has been awarded within a new sector. Advertising Sukses from Harderwijk received the 109th CSR quality mark after a successful ISO 26000 test. The organization thus obtains the certification that will give companies a head start with regard to the obligation regarding CSRD in the future. In the meantime, no less than 8 organizations from, among other things, new sectors are making preparations for the CSR Quality Mark assessment. In addition, the 110th CSR Quality Mark holder will be certified on result before the summer recess. For the Stichting Keurmerk Toezicht, it will soon be the latest news when the official opening meeting is held on 1 June 2023. But the greatest honor today goes to Advertising Sukses, the first CSR quality mark holder from Harderwijk.

Over a longer period of time, Advertising Sukses set itself the goal of implementing ISO 26000 as well as possible. Advice and guidelines were obtained and a pre-audit prepared the way to certification. In addition, Advertising Sukses wanted to record the incidental status of the first CSR quality mark holder from Harderwijk. The implemented CSR policy therefore had to be put into practice in order to collect and verify evidence for the assessment. Over the past six months, this has become increasingly common practice at Sukses Advertising, which brought the CSR quality mark assessment into focus. The decision was therefore taken very quickly and auditor Van de Brug was allowed to record an adequate score. We reserve the report for Advertising Sukses, but congratulations go to the entire team of Edwin with the achievement of the first CSR quality mark - ISO 26000 in Harderwijk!

Explanation CSR Quality Mark Committee

First of all, the CSR Quality Mark Committee congratulates the entire Advertising Sukses team on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee is working on the continuous strengthening of the positioning of the CSR Quality Mark. Contacts with the national government, connection of renowned organizations and expansion to more than 100 companies contribute to the next step that will be taken. In a previous calendar year, the following development point was implemented, which we will now explain below at each presentation.

As of 08-05-2023, the CSR Quality Mark is supervised by the Stichting Keurmerk Toezicht. Further information will be released in mid-June about placing the CSR quality mark with this foundation. Finally, this concerns the last review before the official opening meeting and introduction of the Stichting Keurmerk Toezicht on June 1, 2023.