Inspector Lambert Scherrenburg (l.) issues the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000 to Sustainable Waste Management Zeeland.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed of the fact that Sustainable Waste Beer Zeeland has been successfully certified with the CSR Quality Mark. Inspector Scherrenburg successfully measured the CSR identity against the ISO 26000 standard. As a result, the specialist in repackaging, envelope and catalyst handling can call itself a CSR Quality Mark holder.

DAZ (in full Sustainable Waste Management Zeeland BV) has been active for more than 10 years in the field of waste logistics, collection and processing of (company) waste. In addition, a number of logistics services are offered in the field of repacking, repacking, storage and bulking of granular products such as granulates, catalysts and related (raw) materials. In the past, the storage facilities have been expanded to 10000 m2 of covered storage, and the organization has numerous handling facilities at its disposal. The customer's wishes with regard to packaging form, storage time or mode of transport are structurally central here. Since the end of 2016, DAZ has had its own calibrated 60-ton weighbridge. You can also contact them for the storage of packaged ADR goods, DAZ has a PGS-15 storage facility of 300 m2.

In terms of CSR Policy, Scherrenburg was therefore able to conclude that the organization is leading the way. DAZ not only demonstrates that it supports social initiatives like other companies, but also shows what that percentage is and whether that percentage is realistic. DAZ takes the term 'support your locals' seriously and does not just clean up waste from the customer because it is its job, DAZ goes further and prevents the customer from creating waste in the first place. That fruit basket in the canteen is nice, but do you dare to go further by calling on an employee to take a serious life? And how do you keep this in balance, how far is CSR in your genes? Sustainable Waste Management Zeeland showed that it is taking this further, applying the deepening in the right way. The deepening in accordance with ISO 26000. We would like to congratulate Verolme management, which includes the companies DAZ, Biovero and Verolme Multi-Terminals, on obtaining the CSR quality mark!