Mrs. El Mouden Jr. receives the CSR Quality Mark - ISO 26000.

MAS Service Providers is an organization well known in the business world. The first generation of El Mouden expanded the facilities organization into a substantial service provider with numerous well-known clients. Mrs. Rahma became business woman of the year in 1999, published a book 'the road to my freedom' and appears in numerous podcasts, (radio) programs and other media to this day. The new generation of the El Mouden dynasty further expanded the company to several branches. The name MAS is now established in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, The Hague and Amersfoort. This multicultural cleaning company is an ode to cooperation according to the credo 'the human dimension in service provision', which is why MAS was one of the first companies in the Netherlands to opt for the CSR quality mark. MAS Service Providers has certificate number 002 and has complied with the ISO 26000 standard for many years.

Inspector Marcel de Jong was once again allowed to test the organization in accordance with the well-known guideline. In doing so, he is at the forefront of his reporting on CSRD's upcoming obligation, to which the CSR Quality Mark Committee is expanding its investigations on a weekly basis. In the future, this report will also provide guidance for the implementation of the various CSR efforts that MAS puts into practice. Think of the extensive attention to Social Return and the large number of employees who work at MAS thanks to this interpretation. Also think of environmental care, choice of sustainable suppliers and various collaborations that are given social substance through Mas Zone3. The reporting is otherwise reserved for MAS, but it is clear that the organization once again convincingly obtained the CSR quality mark. Team MAS, congratulations!

Explanation CSR Quality Mark Committee

First of all, the CSR Quality Mark Committee extends its heartfelt congratulations to the entire team of MAS Service Providers on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee is working on the continuous strengthening of the positioning of the CSR Quality Mark. Contacts with the national government, connection of renowned organizations and expansion to more than 100 companies contribute to the next step that will be taken. In a previous calendar year, the following development point was implemented, which we will now explain below at each presentation.

As of 08-05-2023, the CSR Quality Mark is supervised by the Stichting Keurmerk Toezicht. Further information will be released in mid-June about placing the CSR quality mark with this foundation.