mr. Dols (l.) receives the CSR quality mark – ISO 26000 from inspector Van de Brug.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed that LOA Automotive from Tilburg has successfully passed the ISO 26000 assessment. LOA has been the specialist when it comes to paints in the automotive industry for 40 years. Combined with process quality, this has already been awarded a number of times with appropriate certification. For Managing Director Jeroen Dols it was clear that the underlying performance therefore needed a new dimension: leading the industry in achieving the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000. A challenge that ended in failure by several companies in the past few months. For LOA there was a result that Van de Brug was allowed to explain to the Quality Mark Committee: a clear hit!

The quality mark assessment could therefore include a wide range of evidence, in which we would like to highlight a number of issues. Firstly, there is close cooperation with the municipality to offer employment to people with a distance to the labor market. In order to deal with these people in the right way, use is made of training and guidance from the managers. There is therefore a pleasant atmosphere in the workplace, where an important rule applies: every employee in any department is obliged to participate in the production process for at least once a month.

Without exception, this is taken up and everyone is expected to master the production process. Should this not be possible with the help of the written processes? The process is then re-described by an appointed process descriptor, and this handle is of course inclusive: everyone must be able to understand the process at his or her level. In addition, LOA has its own water purification installation that purifies better than the standard, green energy is used, there is a bicycle plan and people from the area are recruited. In the context of the industry, it also appears to be precarious to reduce guest emissions, but demonstrably measured steps are nevertheless being taken in this respect, which can count on the compliments of the environment. In this way, LOA upholds its name and has channels that support the organization for its ambitious forward thinking. With the achievement of the CSR quality mark in accordance with ISO 26000, this channel is added as far as we are concerned. After all, LOA Automotive has more than proven itself!

The CSR Quality Mark Committee hereby wishes to congratulate Jeroen Dols and the entire LOA Automotive team on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

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