LOA Automotive from Tilburg, Schoonmaakbedrijf Haagsehof from Rijswijk and Just Clean Bedrijfsdiensten from Tilburg recently acquired the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

The Quality Mark Committee has been informed that three organizations have recently once again been certified with the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000. This concerns the last series of companies from the second quarter of 2022. One more organization hopes to have the CSR assessment before the summer recess. - Quality mark to be passed, after which the number of certified organizations will grow to a national coverage of 85 companies.

The following companies have recently passed the ISO 26000 assessment and are allowed to add the CSR Quality Mark to the certification gallery:

  1. LOA Automotive BV from Tilburg. The more than 40-year-old specialist in paints in the automotive industry has been at the forefront of CSR in the sector for several years now. Attracting people who are at a distance from the labor market, our own water purification installation that purifies better than the standard and the use of green energy are some of the components with which LOA takes steps further to develop CSR thoroughly. Congratulations are therefore also there for Jeroen Dols, Mike Vrijmoet and the entire team of the organization.
  2. Cleaning company Haagsehof from Rijswijk. Employee well-being is put into practice using a CSR Guidance Document as the basis of ISO 26000. An exemplary role is also played in the area of waste management. Offering a waste street concept to (potential) customers is an example of this. Congratulations to Ella Benjamins and the entire team at Haagsehof.
  3. Just Clean Business Services from Tilburg. As early as 2013, director Hanane Abdellaoui sent a clear signal to the business community. It was announced in the media that a contribution to sustainable investments by companies would become of great importance. Just Clean advocated various collaborations to give people with a distance to the labor market a chance. The company was increasingly based on a clear CSR philosophy that has since been broadly reinforced. Congratulations and compliments go to Hassan Boutiba, Hanane Abdellaoui and the entire team of Just Clean Bedrijfsdiensten.