Mrs. Leeuwenkamp receives the CSR quality mark in accordance with ISO 26000 on behalf of Datadigest.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed that Datadigest from Delft has been certified with the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with the ISO 26000 checklist 2021-6. Inspector Van der Werff was allowed to carry out an audit that could end entirely across the three lines of the P's in a fourth P of Pleasure, namely the award, adoption and registration of the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000.

The result of the quality mark test reflected the following substantiation: With the relocation of the office, the management of the company has taken a number of good steps, both in the field of sustainability of the building (energy) and the deployment of staff (commuting, pleasant working environment). The connection with educational institutions and the “Women in technology” platform shows vision. Structural quantitative measurement and reporting of CSR performance is still underexposed, but is being addressed. Thanks to all the steps, the CSR Quality Mark certificate is fully earned with this figure.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee therefore conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the management and employees of Datadigest on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark!