Director Van Rijn receives the CSR Quality Mark version 2022 – Bronze.

Hazeleger Kaas BV from Barneveld has recently tested its CSR policy in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 26000 guideline level Bronze. Through the assessment, the organization continued to raise the level of its CSR policy. The MVO Quality Mark Committee was therefore allowed to accept positive feedback from inspector Van der Werff.

With the introduction of the four CSR Quality Mark levels, the wish of CSR Quality Mark holders to provide a progression model based on the ISO 26000 guideline has been met. Strengthening the CSR policy therefore makes far-reaching improvements possible when it comes to the previous checklist in previous calendar years. The Basic level is therefore a continuation of the model from 2021. The Bronze, Silver and Gold levels aim at a further deepening as of 01-01-2022, in which SDGs, management systems and benchmarks with regard to CSR efforts also play a role. As a result, the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000 can increasingly function as a tool for tenders and assignments from municipal authorities. Hazeleger Kaas went through the inspection in accordance with the CSR Quality Mark variant. As a result, language barriers at international partners are also removed.

Inspector van der Werff concluded as follows:  Results of the Quality Mark test: CSR is becoming gradually for the management of Hazeleger. A CSR team is monitoring the KPI's and ensures the progress of various actions by the organisation. All aspects of CSR are taken into account. Recently it has been decided to conduct a survey among the employees with the objective to get insight in how far they are aware of CSR issues and what's important to them. The efforts in developing new production and packing methods are recognized by customers and show that the organization is innovative. Hazeleger Cheese fully deserves the CSR Quality Mark certificate, level Bronze.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee therefore conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the entire Hazeleger Kaas BV team with obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000!

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