On behalf of Haagsehof, Mrs. Benjamins received the CSR Quality Mark certificate – ISO 26000.

Cleaning company Haagsehof from Rijswijk has been able to establish the CSR quality mark – ISO 26000 through an effective audit. The organization received inspector Gerard van der Werff, who had recorded a margin score descending after the assessment. As a result, the distribution was immediately allowed.

It is such a matter that the Quality Mark Committee guards at all times. The CSR Quality Mark certificate is awarded along the edge of 70.0 score points, but after a review it is possible to fall below this margin. As a result, the margin should be well above the limit at first sight and the inspector should be sure of his or her case.

In the case of Van der Werff, the inspector had to conclude that an increase was even noticeable compared to the initial assessment in 2020. Since the checklist has of course been changed, this increase could be generous and count on compliments. Inspector van der Werff was therefore allowed to observe the following:

Employee well-being, an eye for the environment and healthy business operations have been taken for granted from the start of the company. In recent years, structure has been introduced and a balanced MT has been created. The possession of ISO9001, NEN4400-1 and the CSR quality mark shows stakeholders in which way and with what conviction the company is led. This has resulted in a strong position in the Hague region with attractive clients. Thanks to innovation, the company has weathered the corona pandemic well. The extension of the CSR Quality Mark is well deserved.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee therefore wishes to congratulate Schoonmaakbedrijf Haagsehof on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000!

View public checklist: http://www.keurmerkmvo/keurmerkeisen

More information via: http://www.haagsehof.nl