The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed of the fact that FrisFacilitair from the municipality of Dordrecht can call itself a CSR Quality Mark holder on the basis of the ISO 26000 standard 2021-6. Inspector Thom van de Brug concluded that he was dealing with a company that actually goes far when it comes to CSR. Criteria on the People, Planet and Profit side were expressed in an extensive report in generous figures that could make the qualification final.

For example, FrisFacilitair submitted a clear Social Annual Report to the inspector, which is also published via the online channels. FrisFacilitair goes further and also publishes this visually, CSR is expressed in living stories. Stories about people with a distance to the labor market who work at FrisFacilitair, stories about the special initiative of FrisZorgmetje, stories about far-reaching attention to the environment and Social Return on Investment (SROI). Peter van Duijn and his associates received a very good impression, which prompted Van de Brug to indicate that it is more than appropriate to let the organization FrisFacilitair also speak in this publication:


With a strong commitment and a connecting working method, we create opportunities for talents with no distance from the labor market and successfully guide them to suitable, valuable work.
This value can be expressed in various ways. Work has an important meaning in a person's life and is therefore invaluable. Economic independence, identity, life and social contact. Knowing that you participate in society, that makes our work special and people happy.

Happiness at work has become increasingly topical in recent years. That's not so strange because you spend most of your life at work. That is why we think it is important that people enjoy going to work and experience happiness in the work they do. Meaning, autonomy, personal growth, vitality and relationships are the most important pillars that positively contribute to people's (work) happiness. We therefore look at possibilities and where someone can come into their own. It is tailor-made, but we find a workplace for everyone. 

As a facility service provider, we want to contribute to the happiness of our employees and our customers. We believe in the added value of a clean working and living environment and in the power of good facility support, which contributes to the success of people and organizations. We all know by now that good facility services have a positive effect on productivity and happiness at work. A well-arranged, comfortable workplace. By getting our customers to use daytime cleaning, deploying employees on Social Return is “perhaps the golden tip. We are happy to offer these employees to our customers. The point is not that you may need additional guidance. Or that you might be able to work a little less hard and need more breaks. It is about having fun in your work and having a passion for your profession. By genuinely paying attention to people, this has a positive effect on productivity and hospitality. Ultimately, not only the employees and the customer experience the positive influence of cleaning, the relations and visitors of our customers also feel the added value of this. The customers see that again and they appreciate it.”

With this extremely fresh score, FrisFacilitair can therefore add the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000 to the certification gallery. From the Quality Mark Committee, the cordial congratulations are conveyed to the management, employees and team of FrisFacilitair. More information can be found at