Mr. Wiedijk receives the CSR Quality Mark - ISO 26000 on behalf of Fauna Protect and CSN Services.

Today the CSR Quality Mark - ISO 26000 was awarded to a very beautiful and unique organization. As the first CSR quality mark holder specialized in mitigating services, director Wiedijk was allowed to add the CSR quality mark - ISO 26000. The organization works closely with various ecologists and in accordance with EWP (Ecological Work Protocol, ed.) to reduce the negative effects of major projects. Think of renovations and renovations that have to be stopped due to the presence of protected animal species.

In collaboration with ecologists, Fauna Protect ensures that the legislation is complied with and that the guidelines are met in order to obtain an exemption. The ecologist draws up a species management plan (SMP). Fauna Protect then receives an ecological work protocol (EWP) from the ecologist. Mitigating measures are implemented on the basis of that protocol. Fauna Protect has therefore already discouraged more than 7,500 homes and ensured approximately 350 successful projects.

In practice, sustainability is made possible with Fauna Protect, so the organization is very much based on a strong CSR policy. We reserve the report of this for Fauna Protect itself, although the conclusion of auditor Van der Werff should not be missing: 'The company demonstrates that it develops policy and takes initiatives on all aspects of CSR. CSR performance is measured in a PDCA cycle based on a number of SDGs. The developments of the Fauna Protect concept are innovative and have a positive impact on the environment. Doing volunteer work as a team two days a year during working hours is a good example of social involvement. The CSR quality mark, level basic, is a justified recognition.'

Congratulations to the successful team of Fauna Protect and CSN Services from Rijen!