Director Esther poses with the just received CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

The variety of sectors from which CSR quality mark holders come is increasing. In 2018, the connection of a dance school was not taken into account in the development of the CSR quality mark. Until the year 2022, when the connections follow each other in rapid succession. Today it is the turn of Esthers Dance Creation from Harderwijk. In recent years, the dance school has designed a sizeable CSR policy, both theoretically and practically, which was also expanded during lock-downs. In particular, this strong pre-sorting of the organization could therefore count on the necessary appreciation.

In recent years, based on the core business, a special offer has been developed for people with disabilities. Concepts for people with Parkinson's, Rheumatism, MS, COPD and NAH were allowed to contribute to the implementation of the social component of the organization. In connection with a tariff that is even insufficient to cover expenses, the inspector was therefore able to adequately substantiate the report. The ambitious dance school is not for nothing appreciated because of such pioneering CSR initiatives. In recent years, EDC took part in well-known appearances in TV programs such as the Soundmix show and the Rudi Carrell show.

A further dissemination of the CSR policy through the provision of volunteer work, theater performances without a fee and a training policy could also count on positive scores. It is not without reason that the student file shows that there are students who have been taking dance lessons at EDC for more than 35 years. The inspector was therefore allowed to conclude that thorough implementations have been achieved across the board of the three Ps in order to arrive at a good score. The addition of the CSR Quality Mark to the organization is therefore a pioneering step in the dance sector. In any case, the first dance is for Esthers Dance Creation, no one can take that away from them.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee hereby conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the entire team of Esthers Dance Creation with obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000!

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