After a superlative audit, the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000 may be displayed.

For the observant connoisseur the text 'from Paramaribo to Volendam' is well known. The couple Damaru and Jan Smit achieved a first with the number-1 position. Today, this scoop takes on a new dimension, as Alembo is the first international organization to acquire the CSR Quality Mark at the Silver level. Inspector Van der Werff did not miss the fact that his presentation was interrupted after the audit. Van Voorst decided to perform additional testing based on the '4-eyes principle.' After an intensive review, however, nothing stood in the way of the nomination. The CSR Quality Mark Committee therefore stood for completed work. After the nomination, a final confirmation was issued within a few hours: the first international CSR Quality Mark Silver goes to Alembo.

In a very extensive ISO 26000 report, Van der Werff concluded with the following conclusion: 'Alembo belongs to the group of companies that are strongly committed to CSR in Suriname. The company wants to contribute to SDGs in a sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial way. Internally with and for all employees, externally in collaboration with other organizations. The chosen focus SDGs are expressly disseminated. A working group and steering committee are charged with an integrated approach with regard to policy, documentation and reporting. As far as staff is concerned, 'happiness at work' is central. Within a Performance Management System there is an education and training offer for every employee. Alembo's working method is highly valued by relations. This is reflected in both periodic customer satisfaction surveys and supplier assessments. The company is socially involved and supports many local initiatives. The way in which the company operates justifies the award of the CSR Quality Mark certificate level Silver.'

The CSR Quality Mark Committee is pleasantly surprised and conveys its compliments on behalf of chairman Peter van Duijn. An extra check is increasingly imposed at higher levels by the Supervisory Board (Supervisory Board, ed.). All committee members are therefore very pleased that Alembo also passed this extra check without any reprimand.

From here on, the CSR Quality Mark Committee conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the Alembo team on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

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