CEO Bas Latten receives the CSR Quality Mark Certificate after a very convincing audit.

The story of Cycles sounds like a fairy tale to many, but turns out to be a beautiful reality. Less than three years ago, Bas Latten and Sean Colombon were exploring the world backpacking. The kind of journey that at that age you would say: 'get away from it all and then start student life.' Thanks to a special diving experience, things turned out completely different. A shocking diving experience – 'We saw more plastic than fish in the sea' – and seeing countless open waste incinerations in Asia, gave her a bright idea: plastic substitutes based on waste straw. 'In collaboration with innovation lab CHILL on the Chemelot Campus in Geleen, a process has been developed to turn waste straw into something that reduces plastic pollution, the incineration of agricultural waste and CO2.-fighting emissions.'

With Cycles an organization was created with CSR as a fixed basis and starting point. Worldwide there is great interest in the organization, companies in many countries request packages and make contact. The entrepreneurs are invited daily by leading organizations that are looking for plastic alternatives. In addition, countless tests are done with organic products, the rule is clear: 'After 60 days there should be nothing left. We want to be transparent and honest with ourselves and the world and show that our product delivers what it promises.'

Inspector Chantal Damen therefore almost put the ISO 26000 yardstick as an equal along Cyclups. The international guideline is very well received worldwide with the CSR Quality Mark, but the reporting behind it is of great importance. Suppliers that are selected for production must also come from good houses, because the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Production scaling is therefore designed with an organization that offers work to people with a distance to the labor market. CSR is therefore inextricably linked to business operations every day. Damen therefore established a very strong, almost logical score based on the 3 P's. The chain has a strong barrier when it comes to CSR and greenwashing is excluded at the gate through clear testing. It is the conviction that these entrepreneurs will bring success, because whoever makes the world better, will also become better!

On behalf of the CSR Quality Mark Committee, the heartfelt congratulations are hereby conveyed to Cyclups on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000!

Public Checklists (2022) see: http://www.keurmerkmvo/keurmerkeisen

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