Director Caroline Brons receives the CSR Quality Mark certificate in accordance with ISO 26000.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed that Coöperatie Brons & Associates has successfully joined the CSR Quality Mark. With this addition, the database of CSR Quality Mark holders is expanding to include a collective of mediators, coaches and professionals who work together in accordance with a democratic decision-making model in various areas of service. Brons & Associates therefore bridges the gap to solutions that prevent costly and lengthy legal processes.

Inspector Van der Werff guided the organization to the initial assessment and noted the following: This collective of mediators, coaches and professionals is organized as a cooperation with a democratic decision-making model. It has a sustainable mission and opts for collaborations with companies that stand for sustainability or have the intention to go for it. Every associate who joins the collective enters into a collaboration agreement, in which the sustainable mission of the company is endorsed. Within the sustainable mission of the company, steps are taken to involve stakeholders, measure them in a structured way, report them and then define and implement further actions. The CSR Quality Mark is a justifiable reward for the efforts made so far.

On behalf of the CSR Quality Mark Committee, congratulations are hereby conveyed to Brons & Associates for obtaining the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000!

View public checklist (Note: Quality mark requirements 2022): http://www.keurmerkmvo/keurmerkeisen

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