Owner Wagendorp receives the just acquired CSR Quality Mark predicate in accordance with the international guideline of ISO 26000.

The renowned Conference Center ZZIIN The Hague has passed the ISO 26000 assessment of the CSR quality mark. The organization that offers ergonomic meeting rooms has interwoven CSR in detail throughout its business operations. Sustainability, quality and against waste are the 3 core values of ZZIIN. It may result in a number of impressive clients for ZZIIN. The team is therefore not unfamiliar with receiving political ministers.

As a result, owner Wagendorp and her team had been working for some time on establishing the CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000. Inspector Van der Werff was invited a month ago to carry out the assessment in accordance with the guidelines at the location at Central Station in The Hague. . ZZIIN now has no fewer than 25 meeting and workshop rooms here, and ZZIIN Brussels is also already being established.

Across the board of the 3Ps, therefore, evidence was presented of impressive proportions. It starts with attracting staff who are at a distance from the labor market, but staff are also structurally paid well above the minimum wage and a significant percentage of the profits go to social initiatives.

In the area of catering, substantial investments are being made in Cradle to Cradle, as vegetables and fruit are produced in-house as much as possible. In addition, maximum reuse applies by supplying products in jars. A special contract has been entered into with a selected supplier for this purpose. The ergonomic spaces also have an energy label and no less than 85% of the furniture is secular.

Impression of an event at ZZIIN The Hague, the meeting was held before the corona era.

Finally, there is cooperation with an increasingly large group of customers and organizations that see sustainable product and service provision as an explicit condition for cooperation. A new profit model is also being designed so that everyone in the chain receives an equal share. All in all, it turned out to be just a selection of the very extensive CSR Operations in the practice of ZZIIN The Hague. Van der Werff was therefore already able to conclude after the audit that there was no longer any need to have any doubts about the qualification in accordance with ISO 26000.

From this place, the CSR Quality Mark Committee conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the entire team of ZZIIN The Hague on obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

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