mr. Snel receives the CSR quality mark – ISO 26000 on behalf of Bocari International BV.

Van der Werff conveyed his message to the CSR Quality Mark Committee with dedication and conviction. That afternoon he had awarded the 73rd CSR Quality Mark certificate in Breda. On Wednesday evening, September 15, it became clear to the entire quality mark committee that Bocari International BV had also convincingly measured its CSR Policy along the ISO 26000 yardstick. Bocari had already prepared the audit extensively in the months before and already had a very strong CSR identity. Mirroring the international yardstick of ISO 26000 was therefore the dot on the horizon. It was allowed to end in a festive review, the first in a new series.

Bocari therefore set a good example. Across the lines of People, Planet and Profit, the kick-off was particularly strong. After the general section (1.1.), the first Score question was fully utilized in the People section at 2.3. The deployment of socially vulnerable people is not yet widely used in every CSR organisation. However, Bocari showed that this is more than a matter of course, multiple collaborations and courses offered up to its own BoCari Academy make this offer a matter of course. The following point questions were also fully utilized, preventing the first point loss for a long time.

However, scoring a perfect score on the ISO 26000 yardstick is not a must, the trick is to achieve a solid mark, which is increasingly seen by clients, municipalities and (semi-) government organizations. Bocari therefore clearly mastered this art. High scores were achieved for the Planet (3.1) and Profit (4.1) components, linking the innovativeness during the corona crisis to further CSR implementation in requirement 4.1. could count on the compliments and full score of the auditor.

Van der Werff therefore concluded as follows: The company, which has been a good employer for many years, has recently started to record many CSR aspects in a structured manner with a clear policy vision. An action plan shows both qualitative and quantitative objectives. The BoCari Academy initiative arose during the corona crisis and offers many people with a distance to the labor market the opportunity to train in the field of engineering and industrial automation. As a result, the company has a positive press. Compliments for the results that have already been achieved in the field of CSR.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee hereby conveys its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Quick, mr. Van Genderen and the entire team of Bocari International BV with obtaining the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

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