BoCari Groep - BoCari Group

Impression of Bocari International BV, the organization specialized in providing total tailor-made solutions for industrial processes and consultancy services.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has once again received a number of nominations for assessment. A recently submitted portion is still pending for review. However, two proposals submitted earlier have already been positively assessed. Chairman Peter van Duijn and his colleagues therefore hope to welcome the 75th CSR Quality Mark holder with a positive follow-up. Registrations again come from new sectors, which will strengthen the bandwidth of the CSR Quality Mark both internally and externally.

Tests in accordance with the ISO 26000 checklist 2021-6 will show whether the organizations are allowed to add the CSR Quality Mark to the certification gallery. The following are admitted for testing in accordance with ISO 26000:

  1. Bocari International BV, Bocari's engineers are specialists when it comes to applying the most innovative technologies in the design of new process routes. Think of the petrochemical market sector, but another branch is also the extraction of water through projects in the Netherlands, Suriname and the Caribbean.
  2. Brons & Associates, the agency that works together in a network of co-mediators and specialists aimed at building bridges to solutions in, among other things, labor disputes, inheritance law, business disputes and team conflicts. Preventing costly and lengthy legal proceedings is central to this.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee wishes the organizations every success in their preparations for the ISO 26000 assessment!