Director Huisman poses with the acquired CSR Quality Mark – ISO 26000.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee has been informed of a unique event. Advante consultancy recently obtained a uniquely high score in accordance with the ISO 26000 guideline of the CSR Quality Mark. If you want to sum them up in one word: insights. Advante encourages customers by thinking outside of their familiar patterns or looking at the case from a different perspective. They are good at guiding this process, using people's insights, creativity, knowledge and the power to change.

Inspector Van der Werff's justification for the unique score is as follows: 'Our motivation for this is that the way in which you operate, by considering the impact of every decision, is the core of corporate social responsibility. In our view, you fulfill an ambassadorial role because of the way in which you also include external parties/clients.'

Subsequently, a statement was drawn up, which we do not wish to alter in terms of reporting. Based on a clear policy vision, the company considers the impact of a solution with every decision. This is applied both within our own business operations and within projects that are being carried out. The fact that agreements are made with clients about the distribution of emissions to be offset in order to carry out CO2 neutral projects is an example of how Advante operates.

The collaboration with Loyaltree and the planting of the “Advante forest” has resulted in groundbreaking solutions. In the field of personnel and talent development to support sustainable employability, people do not only pay attention to their own personnel. Socially, impactful projects are supported aimed at families who are struggling in society. Advante deserves the high rating.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee hereby conveys its heartfelt congratulations to the entire Advante team on acquiring the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000!