Impression of a meeting of the committee, from left to right Henk Achterberg (Representative KMNL), Martin Bogers (Advisor), Sjors Westdorp (Representative of CSR Quality Mark holders), Gerard van der Werff (Secretary) and Peter van Duijn (Chairman). Not in the photo: Gijsbert van Voorst (Representative KMNL) and Rik van de Noort (Youth member).

Under the leadership of Peter van Duijn, the CSR Quality Mark Committee has strengthened itself with the appointment of Sjors Westdorp. This made it possible to fulfill a long-cherished wish, because the members had wanted to see 'the other side of the table' at the committee table for some time. The vacancy therefore concerned a representative of CSR quality mark holders. In previous years, filling in with one CSR hallmark holder for the number of companies still under 50 was not an option. This was rejected several times on objective grounds.

In Westdorp, however, the entire committee found a candidate who does not have to count himself among the MVO quality mark holders. To date, Westdorp has guided a number of organizations towards the assessment of the CSR quality mark. He was appointed externally by these organizations as a quality expert. Precisely this separation in which there is no Keurmerk holder at the table but an external representative of a number of Keurmerk holders paved the way for implementation. Reflections from the tested side and the testing side therefore formed the backdrop for the meeting at which Westdorp was allowed to make his entrance.

In preparation for the upcoming 80e The CSR Quality Mark Ceremony was therefore devoted to the evaluation of inspections and to keeping track of far-reaching developments in the CSR landscape. A critical look at the quality mark requirements remains of urgent importance now that the ISO 26000 guideline is being tested at four levels. On request, Westdorp hopes to introduce himself by sharing an article. For now we are grateful to him that he wants to take the next step with us, towards even more, even more Corporate Social Responsibility!

More information coming soon.