The links behind the CSR quality mark

... guarding for structural results from your CSR Certificate.

Season 2021 / 2022


Peter van Duijn

Chairman of the CSR Quality Mark Committee.

Chairman of the CSR Quality Mark Committee. A pragmatist with a broad view on the continuous broadening of the bandwidth of the CSR Quality Mark. His extensive experience with sustainable policy and issues forms our permanent basis in this.


Gijsbert van Voorst

Manager CSR Quality Mark

Gijsbert has built up extensive experience with his background in the sustainable sector, experience as a safety expert and environmental expert. He is therefore the all-round quality expert who sets out to keep the ISO 26000 standard up-to-date.


Henk Achterberg

Project Manager

As Project Leader, Henk Achterberg monitors the processes surrounding the CSR Quality Mark, the meeting of the Quality Mark committees and the reports to the Supervisory Board (RvT).


Martin Bogers

Sales manager

As a sales manager, Martin Bogers is the link between the company and the inspector. Due to his background in the sales and recruitment industry, he has extensive experience in connecting people. In the sustainable sector, Martin has now been able to assist more than 200 companies on their way to their quality mark. In between, he is always ready to answer your questions about the best route to your CSR Quality Mark.


Gerard van der Werff

Secretary / Inspector

With many years of management experience in trading companies and logistics services, Gerard can understand business processes and is able to quickly assess how CSR policy is implemented.


Erik Stubble

Community Manager

Erik is the driving force behind the communication with the quality mark holder. Among other things, he manages the website and takes care of the newsletters.


Josine van den Dool


Josine takes care of the administration and maintains the quality mark register and the quality mark portal.


Rick van de Noort

Youth member of the CSR Quality Mark Committee

Rik deals with issues about Youth and CSR.


Chris van Wijk

Supervisory Board (SB)

Chris van Wijk takes a seat on the supervisory board. This umbrella organization supervises the quantitative and qualitative functioning of the CSR quality mark committee.


Marcel the young

Inspector (Center)

As an inspector, Marcel has built up the most audit experience. His expertise during Keurmerk committees contributes to the quality of the Keurmerk requirements being updated and scaled up every year.


Thom van de Brug

Inspector (Center)

Over the years, Thom has built up a broad reputation as an auditor, and KAM-Coordinator. He can also play a role in applying for various permits or certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, MRF and of course CSR and SIEV.


Jeroen Witsenboer

Inspector (North)

Jeroen has extensive experience in the field of, among other things, auditor, safety expert and KAM Coordinator. In the north, he can therefore be of service to your company as an expert CSR Inspector.


Claudia Hayfield

Inspector (North)

Claudia Hooiveld carries out inspections from Emmeloord.


Astrid Kuipers

Inspector (East)

Astrid Kuipers carries out inspections for the CSR quality mark from Apeldoorn.

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Chantal Damen

Inspector (South)

Chantal Damen carries out inspections from Panheel (Limburg). As a project manager, Chantal also has extensive experience in preparing certification standards. The fact that she has sat on both sides of the table gives her the right tools to assist you as thoroughly as possible towards certification.

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Lambert Scherrenburg

Inspector (West)

Lambert Scherrenburg carries out inspections from 's Gravenpolder (Zeeland). Scherrenburg is a practical man who likes to stand with both feet in the mud. Has extensive experience in food, ICT and of course the environment, which makes him a suitable inspector for your organization in the West region.