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What exactly is the CSR Quality Mark?

Corporate Social Responsibility is much more than the elements 'People - Planet - Profit'. Due to the ever-increasing requests from companies and organizations from the profit and non-profit sector for a CSR certificate, it has finally taken shape in the form of the CSR Quality Mark.


The CSR Quality Mark has a feasible and transparent character and can be easily achieved through a real investment and thorough preparation. In addition, the requirements of the CSR Quality Mark are classified in such a way that they comply with the standards that currently apply in accordance with NEN-ISO 26000.

Doing business with an organization with the CSR Quality Mark means opting for responsible, fair and sustainable cooperation. The CSR Quality Mark is awarded to companies and organizations that manage their business operations in a social and sustainable manner. It gives you insight into your sustainable performance.

If your company would like to profile itself sustainably among your employees, clients, suppliers, relations, sector organizations and governments, then you are on the right track with our CSR Quality Mark. Join the group of certified CSR Companies now and consult the checklist with the criteria for the quality mark certificate on our website.

Corporate Social Responsibility as continuous sustainable support within your organization with achieving the CSR Quality Mark!

Frequently asked questions about CSR Quality Mark

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Your organization that operates in a socially responsible manner not only strives for profit from labor (Profit), but also puts people (People), the environment and the living environment (Planet) central. You are actively involved and aware of the impact of your activities on people, the environment and society as a whole.

Corporate social responsibility is a very broad concept. It will appeal to customers and clients if a company wants to add value for the rest of the planet and not just make money itself. Corporate social responsibility can provide an alternative or answer to a negative question. However, in order to apply CSR consistently and in a credible and sustainable way, it will have to be embedded in all business processes.

Why CSR Quality Mark?

Various small companies, especially from the SME segment, approached Keurmerk Nederland with complaints about the enormous costs involved in obtaining a CSR certification.

In our opinion they were right, which is why we as Keurmerk Nederland took action quickly. After extensive research with experts from the CSR field, the Quality Mark CSR was established in accordance with the international standard of ISO 26000. The only CSR quality mark with ISO 26000 in its name and built according to the pillars People, Planet and Profit.

It is a beautiful and sustainable alternative. For example, we have a group of students who want to improve the CSR policy every year. Or a cleaning company that nowadays makes a profit from circular and cradle-to-cradle business. Or that entrepreneur who made the newspaper in his village with his CSR quality mark. But also a CSR pioneer who obtains the extensive report in accordance with ISO 26000 standard after the audit. His relationship asked him about that CSR quality mark on the wall. When he saw the report, he wanted it too.

One uses it for a tender, the next for his sustainable webshop. Just before paying, for example, 'Obviously we have the CSR Quality Mark.' Or at trade fairs such as the Horecava and Vakbeurs Facilitair, where our Keurmerk holders come. But also CSR quality mark holders who print the logo on their product, that is an excellent added value.

What requirements do I have to meet for the CSR Quality Mark?

The quality mark requirements for the CSR quality mark are structured as follows and are divided into four themes in the checklist:

  1. General requirements related to your organization
  2. Requirements in the field of the first P: People
  3. Requirements for the second P: Planet
  4. Requirements in the area of the third P: Profit

You can demonstrate your evidence and answers by means of various documents (both digital and hardcopy) and you can provide some explanation.

In addition to some mandatory general questions and requirements, a maximum of 5 points can be obtained for every other question. A total of 100 points can be obtained. With a score of at least 70 points, the CSR Quality Mark will be awarded. The total score will be divided by 10 and will be stated on the report. In addition to the certificate, the report is also issued with the result. You can also send this to relations, clients, employees and authorities.

You will also receive the necessary logos (in pdf, png, jpg, etc.) and you will be given the opportunity to order the necessary stickers.

What are the benefits of being a MVO Quality Mark member?

The CSR quality mark was developed by Keurmerk Nederland in collaboration with a number of CSR committed entrepreneurs. The aim of the quality mark is to propagate the added value of organizations and companies that are involved in corporate social responsibility.

As a socially responsible company:

  • Do you position yourself in a distinctive way and bind your customers;
  • Do you score with the CSR Quality Mark in tenders and tenders?
  • Do you embed corporate social responsibility in a structural, practical and financially sound manner in your business operations;
  • Are you a fully-fledged and valued discussion partner for local authorities and trade associations?
  • Have you been independently tested by Keurmerk Nederland: you meet the criteria of Corporate Social Responsibility as laid down in ISO-26000.
How often does an inspection take place?

The CSR quality mark is inspected once a year. After the first inspection, the annual re-inspections will be expanded to include interviews of several employees within your organization.

What is the procedure for a quality mark inspection?

The CSR quality mark is tested at the companies in the organization themselves by professional inspectors from the Netherlands Quality Mark.

On the basis of the checklist (available in the online portal) you can determine for your company whether you are ready for the audit.

On the agreed date, the inspector will go through and assess the checklist with you in an average of one half-day. If the inspection is successful, the CSR Quality Mark will be awarded to your company.

The inspection is carried out on the basis of the quality mark requirements and shows whether you objectively meet a number of critical points in the field of CSR on which clients and employees can assess you. You also objectively demonstrate compliance with various laws and regulations in accordance with the NEN ISO 26000 standard.

By obtaining the CSR Quality Mark you demonstrate that your company wants to be one of the leading companies in the field of CSR in your industry. If you recognize yourself in this, you can contact us via the website. One of our account managers will then schedule an appointment with you.

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