At the beginning of May this year, I, together with 2 other wheelchair users, decided to participate in a sponsored walk. For me, “doing something for fellow human beings” played a major role. With CSR you are also quite often concerned with the heading 'People', so CSR certainly helped me in making the choice whether I would participate yes or no.

The preparation for the run went smoothly. At the start, however, an alternative had to be found in order to participate, since the original route, which would be walked by the other participants, was not wheelchair accessible. In the end we decided to keep the course in my hometown. I would plot the route for this and see if it was passable. I drove the route several times beforehand.

There was also a problem with the registration fee. We paid a registration fee of 20 euros per person, which would pay for a first aider and lunch. But since we didn't participate on location, no first aider came anyway and we probably didn't get lunch either. This would of course not be quite right, so after some calls back and forth we managed to get a lunch delivered. Very attentive and it was more than enough. In this way, everyone has lived up to this day in his or her own way.

On the day itself we started early in the morning. The first 10 kilometers went almost effortlessly despite the fact that we had several dikes and a bridge on the first 10 kilometers. After a hearty lunch we were able to continue the last 10 kilometers with fresh courage. The last few kilometers we have had a nice and refreshing rain shower and then we just choose each other and go! The last kilometers your muscles start to acidify more and more, but in the end we made it.

In the end we raised a nice amount of 3390 euros for the people in Ethiopia. With this money, water pipes are built, so that people do not have to walk for clean and good drinking water first.

It was truly an experience never to be forgotten!