Preview of Bakery Remmerswaal.

In the customer speaking series, we hope to reflect on Bakkerij Remmerswaal today. This medium-sized bakery from Schiedam is now working with the 3rd generation at the helm and is constantly expanding its organization. Standing for traditional quality with a wide range, the company continues its growth line.

mr. Remmerswaal tells us the following about his CSR conviction from his bakery: In 2015 we have our 1e CSR policy drawn up. We started by mapping out the things we were already doing and then recorded this in a first document. In practice it turned out that you often do a lot about CSR and sustainability without even realizing it. In the years that followed, CSR policy became an increasingly important part of business operations. Whenever an investment had to be made, the sustainability component was included in that process. And as soon as you deal with these kinds of matters in a policy-oriented way, you naturally become more and more enthusiastic about getting things done even better. In 2019 we made the choice to fill the roof with solar panels as much as possible. In addition, almost the entire company is equipped with LED lighting.

Subsequently, we wanted to have our policy tested against a CSR standard. In the search for a body that could assess CSR, we reviewed many providers. In the end we opted for the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000, because at that time it was the only one that really looked at the policy according to a certain standard. Our bakery has been FSSC 22000 certified for years, so audits are no stranger to us. When the Netherlands was locked in March 2020 due to the Corona crisis, we took the step to actually make an appointment for an initial audit. With a score of 82 points, we were well above the required 70 points and the audit has once again provided us with new insights. After the initial audit, we adapted our CSR policy to the PPP principle and also rewritten our policy. We recently had our audit again and our score had risen to 89 points, which is a direct result of the new insights we gained from the initial audit. For example, this spring we renovated a store with a second-hand interior that would otherwise have gone to the landfill. New panels in the places make the furniture look like new again.

We thank Richard and his team for the inspiring insight into how the 3rd generation Remmerswaal has made CSR an integral part of successful business operations!

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