I am a student at Hoornbeeck College in Kampen. The Hoornbeeck College has been voted the best ROC in the Netherlands 12 times in a row. For writingHoornbeeck College - Velthuizen Keukens In this article I had an interview with Mr Bart, the branch manager of the Kampen location. Actually, I didn't have to ask a lot of questions and he told me a lot himself. We try to live as sustainably as possible, also with a view to stewardship.

In our school, for example, the waste is separated. That is only a small part of helping the climate. There are 400 solar panels on the roof of the school. In order to live as sustainably as possible, we are now also trying to obtain permits for windmills on our roof. You always have wind at our location, but not sun. A system has been installed in the classrooms that ensures that when the lights are turned on, the air conditioning/heating is also turned on immediately. If a teacher or student forgets to turn off the light afterwards, this will happen automatically after a few minutes. The air conditioning/heating will also switch off automatically. We have water pipes running in our floors that allow cold water to flow through in the summer and warm water in the winter. So we have sustainable underfloor heating and even floor cooling. We also have timers on the taps. There is a system that looks at the weather forecast and then measures how hard the air conditioning / heating has to work.

We are really a tailor-made school. I myself have a physical disability and the school is sufficiently adapted to it. I am now following a tailor-made course in which people who need more time for a course or who cannot complete the regular route can work at their own pace. The school also offers employment to people without a good diploma or who are lagging behind on the regular labor market. We also offer internships for pro departments of a number of schools.
We believe that every person is equal and every person should have equal opportunities.


Rik van den Noort