An example of myself is, the wheelchairs I've had. I used to often get a Kiddo as a wheelchair. A wonderful thing for durability. Everything could be replaced by a larger part if the wheelchair became too small. And the used parts were remanufactured at the factory to be reused. Everything as sustainable as possible according to the suppliers. As I got older I experienced more and more discomfort. Such a clumsy colossus was beautiful but he was, as I indicated, as clumsy as can be. And then came the weight. Carrying 27 kilos day in and day out. That is no small thing for a primary school child. Even if you don't realize it yourself because it's never been different. When I was still in group 8, I started to realize the inconveniences of the thing more and more. We wanted to arrange another wheelchair, but that was not possible, because it was not included in the package from the municipality. After all, this one was sustainable, so what was our problem?

When I went to pre-vocational secondary education, I had to have a different wheelchair, because the kiddo I had then was really too bulky and too wide and you name it. I couldn't even fit under the school desks because I was too wide. Then another wheelchair had to come. We then bought a TNS wheelchair from PGB, because we did not get it reimbursed, because it was not sustainable. The thing I got then was 7 kilos, a nice compact wheelchair. A solution for me alone, the wheels could only come off and the backrest could be folded. But I got around so much easier with that wheelchair. I tossed the whole neighborhood with the thing. And I was no longer bothered by being too wide or anything like that. The fact that it couldn't be folded was just not a problem for me.

5 years later I needed another wheelchair. Fortunately, the municipality had realized by now that I really needed a lightweight wheelchair. But then they came with a wheelchair in which I was so unhappy that I didn't even climb a slope. That's not it. Now I have a wheelchair from oracing. A lightweight wheelchair and custom made. Only the wheels can be easily removed here so that folding is not possible. But I can go where I want, because I have a bicycle there since the lightweight wheelchairs. It goes a lot faster, so it's much more durable for me. That is why I find it difficult to say what exactly is sustainable, but something sustainable can be obtained for someone from everything. I agree – for sure.

As a youth member, the author is affiliated with the CSR Quality Mark Committee.