How do I meet the Quality Mark requirements?

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The checklist in accordance with ISO 26000

The CSR quality mark is tested in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard. The standard is updated and adjusted annually by the CSR Quality Mark Committee. The checklists are divided into 4 main topics: General, People, Planet and Profit. With effect from 01-01-2022, the organization can be tested at various levels. This concerns the Basic level, the Bronze level, the Silver level and the Gold level. The Basic level is the entrance level in this case.

The Basic level: the mandatory questions speak for themselves, these serve as sluice criteria to qualify for the quality mark. In addition to the mandatory questions, score questions are tested. A minimum score of 70.0 points out of 100.0 applies to the score questions.

The Bronze level: here applies that from the Bronze, Silver and Gold checklist all parts that fall under Bronze must be completed with a 'passed'. Parts marked Silver or Gold are not tested.

The level Silver: here applies that from the checklist Bronze, Silver and Gold all components that fall under Bronze and Silver must be completed with a 'pass'. Parts marked Gold are not tested.

The Gold level: here it applies that from the Bronze, Silver and Gold checklist all parts that need to be completed with a 'passed' below.

General questions about your company policy, your raison d'être, how do you continuously pursue a sustainable policy related to a CSR policy statement. How do you demonstrate that a systematic CSR policy is carried out by means of, among other things, membership of CSR organizations, a structural Social media policy, etc. How do you conduct a thorough GDPR policy in your organisation?

Questions about your company policy regarding guidance of people with a distance to the labor market, such as through the UWV, payment of personnel in accordance with the collective labor agreement, use of good working conditions, combating discrimination, an offer of training courses through a training plan. You provide an up-to-date industry RI&E, stimulate a healthy lifestyle with fresh fruit and company fitness, but also how your employees participate in the company. Is volunteering encouraged and sustainable commuting/work-work traffic is encouraged, etc

Questions about the CO2 footprint, measures with regard to energy saving such as installing LED lighting, solar panels, disconnection from the gas network, etc. How is your waste separation arranged, and is it less every year? How are your hazardous substances stored and how are the emission of harmful substances achieved? How are your products and materials recycled and how do you deal with cradle-to-cradle, what do you do with the circular economy in your company and do you participate in fair trade purchasing, etc.

This includes questions about a sustainable policy, annual report and/or certificate from your suppliers and stakeholders. We also look at social initiatives, donorship and sponsorship of charities such as Alpe D'huzes, incoming and outgoing money flows, attractive offers and quotation confirmations, etc. CSR logos on the website, in the quotations, on invoices, under the email signature.

Example: In the scoring questions, the inspector assigned to you may award a maximum of 4.0 points for a question. However, you do not fully meet the demand through physical and digital substantiation. Your evidence falters on two of the required four policies. That is why the inspector awards you 2.0 out of 4.0 points.

In the run-up to the CSR Audit, the inspector is available at all times for questions about the checklist. His 06 number and e-mail address are provided in advance so that you can send a whatsapp message at any time, or contact him by phone. So easy.

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Below you will find the checklists, is your company already eligible for the CSR Quality Mark?

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