The Quality Mark Committee

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The Quality Mark Committee

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When does a company really engage in CSR? Let's take a look at the definition: "A company is socially responsible if it consciously focuses its activities on adding value to people, planet and profit, continuously seeks a careful balance, and is accountable for this in an active and transparent manner. and has an open dialogue about this with its stakeholders".

The CSR Quality Mark Committee was established in 2017 and its main task is to develop, propagate and manage the CSR Quality Mark for SMEs. The above definition is continuously of essential importance for the Quality Mark. The aim of the committee is to structurally raise the quality level of the entire CSR Quality Mark. The committee regularly reports on its activities. The Quality Mark Committee consists of a maximum of seven members and consists of members who have knowledge of and (practical) experience with Corporate Social Responsibility, including good employer and employee status. This is characterized by a mix of specialists, inspectors, directors and youth members."

The CSR Quality Mark Committee meets at least once a year at the invitation of chairman Peter van Duijn.

The decisions of the committee are taken by majority, the members have one vote and decisions taken must not conflict with existing protocols, regulations and contracts.

The decisions taken by the CSR Quality Mark Committee are public, the reports of the decisions taken are not public.

The CSR Quality Mark Committee also includes independent outsiders, as well as a Quality Mark inspector and a delegation from the Netherlands Quality Mark organisation. There is also a delegation of a maximum of two youth members present within the CSR Quality Mark Committee.

Gerard van der Werff

Gerard van der Werff

Gijsbert van Voorst

Gijsbert van Voorst

Henk Achterberg

Henk Achterberg

Rick van de Noort

Rick van de Noort

Peter van Duijn

Peter van Duijn

Frequently asked questions about the Quality Mark Committee

What are the duties, powers and responsibilities?

The CSR Quality Mark Committee is ultimately responsible for updating, adjusting and establishing the CSR Quality Mark requirements. As a rule, this is carried out annually, exceptions are allowed.

How does the Quality Mark Committee assess the quality of the inspections?

A representative of the CSR Quality Mark Committee must attend a Quality Mark inspection at least once a year. The CSR Quality Mark Committee is obliged to inspect the reports drawn up and to assess the inspection process and provide comments.

How are inspectors appointed?

The CSR Quality Mark Committee is authorized to co-determine the selection requirements and the job profile for inspectors of Keurmerk Nederland who consider themselves suitable to carry out the Quality Mark inspection of the CSR Quality Mark.

What is the relationship between the MVO Quality Mark Committee and the Netherlands Quality Mark?

The CSR Quality Mark Committee is an independent and independent body and is therefore only indirectly accountable for its actions to the Netherlands Quality Mark.
The CSR Quality Mark Committee has various roles and tasks, among others:

  • They are supervisor;
  • It is a CSR think tank;
  • They are critical thinkers;
  • They handle the complaints;
  • Optionally, it has the role of ambassador of the Quality Mark CSR

Keurmerk Nederland has various roles and tasks in the CSR Quality Mark: ownership of the CSR Quality Mark, the recruitment and assessment of inspectors, planning inspections and issuing certificates.

Can the quality mark committee represent the CSR quality mark?

In consultation with the chairman, the CSR Quality Mark Committee is authorized to act as ambassador for the CSR Quality Mark.

Can I go there with any complaints?

As an independent body, the CSR Quality Mark Committee is authorized to handle complaints with regard to the Quality Mark CSR in accordance with the complaints protocol of the Netherlands Quality Mark.

The 2022 CSR Quality Mark Committee consists of:

Chair:     Peter van Duijn

Youth member:       Rick van de Noort

secretary:     Gerard van der Werff

Representative of the Dutch Quality Mark:     Gijsbert van Voorst

Representative of the Dutch Quality Mark:     Henk Achterberg

Representative from industry associations:     Job offer

CSR quality mark holder:     Sjors Westdorp

Counselor:     Martin Bogers

Counselor:     Job offer

Interview with the new secretary of the CSR Quality Mark Committee