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Obtain your CSR Certificate in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard!

Frequently Asked Questions

... about obtaining the CSR Certificate in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard.

During the audit, 'mandatory questions' and 'score questions' are taken, what is the difference between them?

The mandatory questions speak for themselves, they are actually required to
CSR quality mark to be obtained.

You gain points for the score questions, the sum of all score questions must be
are sufficient to qualify for the CSR Quality Mark. If you afterwards
of the test meets the mandatory questions and next to it 70 points out of 100
points, you passed.

During the preparations I doubt whether I meet a requirement from the checklist, is there a possibility to ask a question about this in advance?

Yes, the inspector's 06 number is included in the confirmation of the audit. YOU
may approach the inspector or the inspector on working days between 09:00 and 17:00
with your questions.

ℹ️ All inspectors of Keurmerk Nederland can also be reached via Whatsapp.

What if I unexpectedly fail to meet a 'mandatory question' during the audit?

If no solution is found on the spot, the CSR
Hallmark awarded after a recovery period.

How long does this 'recovery period' last?

This recovery period lasts one month from the conducted audit of the CSR
Quality mark.

Are there any costs associated with this possible 'recovery period'?

No, provided you meet the other requirements within the period of one month, it will be
CSR Quality Mark awarded to your organization after all.

Do I also receive an inspection report after the audit has been completed?

Yes, you can use this inspection report in your communication with clients,
communities and relationships.

Will I also be registered after obtaining the CSR Quality Mark?

Yes, this way you can demonstrate to clients that you are in possession of the CSR
Hallmark, they can also check this via

Do I also get access to promotional material after obtaining the CSR Quality Mark?

Upon result, the inspector will send you the necessary logos, you will also receive the
possibility to order the necessary stickers.
ℹ️ Orders via Whatsapp 06 2503 4971
ℹ️ Of course free of charge

Is the CSR Quality Mark also used when preparing quotations, mailing or on the company's website?

Most organizations certainly use the CSR Quality Mark in quotations and in the
mailing. The website is also very common. It is not for nothing that you have your CSR
policy aligned with the CSR Quality Mark in accordance with ISO 26000.

Can I also use the CSR Quality Mark as a tool to win a contract or tender?

Of course, there are documents available for you to apply the CSR Quality Mark


  • Staff members: <5
  • Employees: 5-25
  • Employees: 26-50
  • Employees: 51-100
  • Employees: >100


A practical test of the basic elements of CSR. Accessible to all companies. A company can demonstrate that CSR effort is being made.
  • Staff members: <5 € 595,00
  • Employees: 5-25 € 737,50
  • Employees: 26-50 € 875,00
  • Employees: 51-100 € 1.012,50
  • Employees: >100 € 1.150,00


Developed from the basic requirements, additional reporting is done on qualitative and quantitative CSR objectives. The staff is familiar with it.
  • Staff members: <5 € 737,50
  • Employees: 5-25 € 875,00
  • Employees: 26-50 € 1.012,50
  • Employees: 51-100 € 1.150,00
  • Employees: >100 € 1.287,50


As bronze, but procedures secured in a management system. The company performs in line with the market in the field of CSR
  • Staff members: <5 € 875,00
  • Employees: 5-25 € 1.012,50
  • Employees: 26-50 € 1.150,00
  • Employees: 51-100 € 1.287,50
  • Employees: >100 Quotation


As silver, but procedures secured in a certified management system. The company outperforms the market in terms of CSR.
  • Staff members: <5 € 1.012,50
  • Employees: 5-25 € 1.150,00
  • Employees: 26-50 € 1.287,50
  • Employees: 51-100 Quotation
  • Employees: >100 Quotation

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