The story behind the CSR quality mark

a road of impact...

The years of development towards the CSR quality mark

... from development until 2017, to the first assessment in 2018, to the 50th Quality Mark holder in 2020.


Keurmerk Nederland is confronted with an interesting case by some entrepreneurs from the SME. These SMEs are obliged to obtain a CSR certification from their clients, however the investment and the weight of the certification are very high, or too high for these SMEs. Keurmerk Nederland is asked to think along about an alternative.


Several entrepreneurs have now registered with Keurmerk Nederland. An investigation is then started into the international standard for Corporate Social Responsibility, ISO 26000. Internal processes are also started to develop the necessary protocols and regulations. In addition, during 2017, work will be done on setting up an independent Quality Mark Committee to privatize and professionalize the CSR Quality Mark.


After years of preparations and pilots, the CSR quality mark is finally put on the market and tested in accordance with the ISO 26000 standard, year 2018-3. Within a month and a half, the first CSR Quality Marks will be awarded to organizations from the distillates, disinfection, medical aids and cleaning sectors. The six-monthly existing CSR Quality Mark concludes its year with the award of the 10th CSR Quality Mark.


The CSR Quality Mark will be further professionalised. The requirements are being changed significantly and quality mark holders are welcomed from different sectors. For example, the TU Delft student employment agency is joining, but the knowledge among the Keurmerk holders is also increasing with the connection of a supplier of ecologically degradable straws, the first gift specialists and the first company with the 'Royal' designation. Furthermore, the first tender was won with the CSR Quality Mark. In this year, the 20th CSR Quality Mark will be awarded and we will finish with 22 CSR Quality Mark holders.


The new website and login portal for the CSR Quality Mark is being created. During the corona crisis, audits are exceptionally performed digitally so that new Keurmerk holders can still join. 

Finally, the translation and transition is made to CSR Quality Mark, which stands for the international certification when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility. The first clients from Canada, among others, reacted enthusiastically to this when awarding contracts to Dutch companies. What is special is that the first company from abroad joins in and the 50th CSR Quality Mark is awarded.


The CSR Quality Mark Committee will meet monthly this calendar year to develop the explanation of the quality mark requirements at several levels. At the request of a number of Keurmerk holders, this provides a further progression on the ISO 26000 guideline, which is also useful for tenders. In addition, a new logo is being developed and the first webinar is being organised. Developments are moving very quickly at a time when CSR considers it to be proven in a way that the CSR Quality Mark - ISO 26000 provides. The year is therefore concluded with the presentation of the 75th CSR Quality Mark.


Met ingang van 2022 wordt het MVO-Keurmerk getoetst op vier niveaus: Basic, Brons, Zilver en Goud conform de ISO 26000 richtlijn. Reeds in januari waagt de eerste Keurmerkhouder de stap tot certificering op het niveau Zilver. Daarnaast wordt de gehele huisstijl van het MVO-Keurmerk volledig vernieuwd.

Het jaar 2022 eindigt met een bijzondere mijlpaal: de uitreiking van het 100e MVO-Keurmerk - ISO 26000.